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With respect to the conflict in Ukraine, we are unable to accept delegates from Russia or Belarus. Neither are we able to accept papers with authors or co-authors from institutions based in these countries. We will continue to monitor the situation with respect to official U.S. government sanctions and restrictions, as well as endeavoring to remain consistent with the global scientific and cultural communities’ response to the ongoing conflict.

Important Updates

IC Engine Division

The mission of the ASME Internal Combustion (IC) Engine Division is to promote, encourage, and recognize advancements in the art, science, and practice of mechanical engineering in the field of IC Engines. The IC Engine Division strives to be an information resource by providing a forum for the documentation, worldwide dissemination, and recognition of the technical achievements and ideas related to internal combustion engines.

ICE Forward Conference

The ICE Forward Conference (previously known as the Internal Combustion Engine Fall Technical Conference) is an annual event with the objective to promote the understanding, development, design, manufacture, and application of reciprocating internal combustion engines for our present and future societies. These engines include compression ignition, spark ignition, and other advanced engines used in mobile and stationary applications. Technical paper topics span theoretical subject areas to practical applications, incorporating both on- and off-road engines, advanced combustion, fuels, and electrification and emissions systems. Thermal management, carbon management, fuel injection, lubrication, and modeling and simulation are also covered.

Previous ICEF conferences have been held in: Virtual (ICEF2021, ICEF2020); Chicago, IL (ICEF2019); San Diego, CA (ICEF2018); Seattle, WA (ICEF2017); Greenville, SC (ICEF2016); Houston, TX (ICEF2015); Columbus, IN (ICEF2014).


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